Blue Flame Kitchen

Culinary Experiences

Since 1929, we have been sharing our recipes and advice with you.

A lot has changed over those years – from fashion to technology and everything in between. What hasn’t is our goal of sharing our knowledge.

Our original aim was to help homemakers get the best results when using natural gas. Back then, it was an exciting and new fuel to most Albertans. We taught them how to use new appliances powered by natural gas and offered recipes best suited for this “wonder fuel.” 

Today, we pride ourselves on providing a variety of culinary experiences and offerings, driving food education to Albertans, executing culinary events, running BFK café and developing a diverse range of local, elevated food products for all to enjoy.  

Blue Flame Kitchen, along with ATCOenergy and Rümi work together to make your home the happy, stress-free place it was meant to be.