Energy Infrastructure

Industrial Water

Delivering Inspired Sustainable Water Management Solutions

ATCO provides sustainable water management solutions for our customers, including:

  • Water sourcing
  • Water/wastewater transportation
  • Storage
  • Water/wastewater treatment (i.e. reuse)
  • Temporary water supply

ATCO has a growing multi-use system in Alberta’s Industrial Heartland and has delivered innovative industrial water services to customers in the region. 

By using a multi-user system that allows customers to tap into common infrastructure, there is no need for them to build their own river intakes, pipelines, storage or treatment facilities. This minimizes environmental footprint and disruption to the river and watershed, frees up valuable space at operations and most importantly, allows customers to focus on their core business.

  • Minimize environmental footprint on the river and watershed
  • Promote sustainable industrial water management
  • Ensure system reliability through optimized system performance


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Dynamic Risk Water Cycle
Cost Efficient

Eliminate upfront capital costs.


Minimize environmental footprint on the river and watershed.


ATCO is a reliable service provider and infrastructure owner/operator with a proven track record of safety and experience in the Alberta Industrial Heartland.


Best-in-class technology, systems, and best practices that ensure operational efficiency.