A trusted ash expert and industry pioneer.


At Ashcor, we’re fascinated by ash. As our name suggests, ash is the core of our business. We develop innovative means to repurpose ash, enabling it to play a vital role in solving infrastructure and environmental challenges. We are a trusted ash expert and a pioneer in our industry. 

Ashcor Technologies Ltd. was established as a fly ash marketing company in Alberta in 1998 and is the largest independent marketer of fly ash in Western Canada. We are at the forefront of the industry, advancing the way we source fly ash by developing an innovative technology to beneficiate ponded and landfill ash. Over the past two decades, Ashcor has expanded its marketing territory to encompass Western Canada, as well as the Northwestern United States. This growth has led to the creation of our newest division, Ashcor USA Inc. 

As a subsidiary of the ATCO Group of Companies, we possess an intimate appreciation for the concerns of power producers. Until 2019, ATCO held a portfolio of coal fired electricity generation assets across Western Canada. Ashcor was born from a need to manage and maximize by-product from power generation.

Ashcor is focused on the reclamation of comingled fly and bottom ash from ponds and landfills for beneficial use, while continuing our legacy as a trusted fly ash marketer.

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