ATCO Frontec

Operational Support Services

Advancing your operations

Reduce operating costs and improve efficiency

Your organization is built by people who get the job done. To make sure everything runs smoothly and your people are safe and productive, we offer a range of services that help you prepare, establish and maintain your worksites and facilities, including infrastructure, operations and maintenance, camp services and facility management.

At ATCO Frontec, our goal is to help you reduce overall operating costs and improve efficiency. We’re able to do that with equipment, supplies, personnel and management, providing essential real-life support anytime, anywhere.

Operations and Maintenance

Site Support Services

From infrastructure to project management, we handle everything to maintain your site and equipment, including water and wastewater treatment, fuel supply, communications infrastructure and operations and maintenance.

Camp Services

Camp Services

Leave your workforce lodging to us. From catering and food services to janitorial and maintenance, including front desk and accommodation management, we’ll take care of everything that goes into a pleasant guest experience.  

Facilities Maintenance Grounds

Facilities Management

When it comes to the day-to-day operations of your business, you need support that will save you time, resources and money. That may be best served by a single, experienced provider of both hard and soft facilities management. 

Apollo Expeditionary Camps

Apollo Expeditionary Camps

When you're faced with quick or unexpected accommodation requirements in remote or harsh environments, our turn-key expeditionary Apollo camp solution is your best solution. Available through our ATCO Frontec International division, we can deploy inflatable camp infrastructure in as little as two weeks.

Working in the North

We have a longstanding history of working with partners in the North to provide solutions to their communities. Learn more about our Indigenous partnerships and projects.