Infrastructure Services



Our experts know how to lead and manage complex projects, backed by best practices in planning, engineering and operations. We have gained a deep understanding of challenges associated with these projects throughout ATCO’s history as an owner and operator, having performed every aspect ourselves. You will benefit from our proven experience in delivering efficient and safe solutions, all of which are adaptive to any environment, geography or jurisdiction.


With experience in solar, hydro, wind and geothermal innovation, we are positioned to deliver on any part of your alternative and renewable energy project. 

Distributed Energy Resources (DER)

We offer a unique owner and operator perspective to communities who are looking to incorporate DERs into their energy strategy. From planning and design to engineering, construction and maintenance, our team of in-house experts work with you to develop business cases, assess feasibility and advance your projects through their lifecycles to help manage your energy needs and achieve energy independence.


We understand the importance and complexity of large-scale HVDC (high-voltage direct current) and FACTS (flexible alternating current transmission systems) infrastructure. Our core business is to build, own, operate and maintain electricity infrastructure that is efficient, safe and reliable.  

Electricity Infrastructure Services

Leveraging ATCO’s expertise as one of Western Canada’s largest electricity transmission & distribution facility owners, we are committed to applying the same diligence and execution excellence to your electricity project that we bring to our own operations every single day.

Gas & Pipeline Infrastructure Services

With over 100 years of owner and operator experience, our gas services are ideal for a range of customers who require engineering or operations expertise that prioritizes long term reliability, responsiveness and efficiency of their gas infrastructure.