Gas Infrastructure Services


With over 100 years of owning transmission and distribution systems, ATCO’s reputation is built on expertise in engineering, constructing, and operating high-pressure natural gas infrastructure, including high and low pressure pipelines, compression and regulating stations, processing facilities, and distributed generation. Our customers benefit from our knowledge of the full pipeline lifecycle, spanning design, through to commissioning, operations and abandonment.

As the energy landscape evolves, ATCO leans on its owner/operator experience to guide our focus in innovation, keeping us relevant in the energy transition to a lower carbon future. Leading inspired projects driven by sustainable solutions like hydrogen, renewable natural gas, smart technologies demonstrates our continued commitment to accelerating energy efficiency and decarbonization for our customers.

Our gas services are ideal for a range of customers who require engineering or operations expertise that prioritizes long term reliability, responsiveness and efficiency of their gas infrastructure:

  • Utilities and gas coops
  • Owners and operators of pipeline infrastructure
  • Remote and Indigenous communities
  • Municipalities
  • High-use industrial and commercial gas users 


  • Planning and advice: Feasibility studies/analyses, design, environmental and regulatory consulting to ensure project is set up for long-term success from its inception. Evaluation and implementation of energy efficient solutions that lower operating costs and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. 

  • EPC: A team of engineers and other technical experts are handpicked for your project to deliver functions including owner’s engineering, pipeline & facilities engineering, in-house construction, construction oversight, procurement management and project management.

  • Operations & Maintenance:  Rooted in safety, responsiveness, reliability and execution excellence, our operations team can maintain your gas infrastructure.
    • Best-in-class operating and pipeline integrity programs: asset inspections, cathodic protection, AC mitigation, leak surveys using state-of-the-art technology, SCADA monitoring/control and equipment maintenance that focus on enhancing and maintaining reliability.
    • Welding: our welding and fabrication program will be foundational to ensuring the integrity of your pipeline system.
    • Hot tapping and isolation services: for in-service sweet natural gas pipelines to ensure your pipeline repairs are completed with minimal disruption/downtime and without stopping production.
    • Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) trailer rentals: to provide natural gas during downtime or waiting for pipeline connection.
    • Meter managementcovers all your needs from procurement to maintenance and meter reading.

  • Energy Transition: We’re actively transitioning our portfolio to meet the needs of a new energy future — all while maintaining energy safety, reliability and affordability. We’re investing in innovative technology and have developed a suite of solutions including Combined Heat and & Power (CHP) technology, coal-to-gas conversion, hydrogen and renewable natural gas (RNG).


Our depth and breadth of in-house expertise will bring your project to life with an owner operator view that understands functionality, reliability, technology applicability and cost of ownership over life of project, regardless of project size and scale. 

Gas Services Overview

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