HVDC & FACTS Systems


For over 30 years, ATCO has provided high-voltage direct current (HVDC) and flexible alternating current transmission systems (FACTS) services spanning project development, management and execution, system implementation, operational readiness, ongoing operations and maintenance including control system upgrades and system integration. We own and operate two HVDC systems with three converter stations and more than 450 km of HVDC line. We also developed numerous FACTS installations in-house, operating five static var compensators (SVC), three STATCOMs and a synchronous condenser. 


When it comes to HVDC and FACTS, we can develop a packaged solution that is customized to your project’s needs. While we possess the specialized know-how to execute on all HVDC and FACTS services, we fully recognize that each project requires a tailored and precise approach. By self-performing major HVDC and FACTS projects from concept to commissioning and operating these assets with in-house resources, our leading experts can support you through the complete lifecycle of HVDC and FACTS infrastructure. 

What we offer

  • Owner’s Engineering services
  • Feasibility and systems studies
  • Reactive power compensation design including integration of static VAR systems
  • HVDC and FACTS control and protection (C&P) design
  • C&P factory acceptance testing (FAT) plan review and witnessing
  • Control system replacement including feasibility analysis, technical specification development and implementation oversight
  • Construction and commissioning
  • Transition from design to construction to operations & maintenance
  • Operational readiness/training

Notable Projects