Planning & Advice


We understand that providing the right framework in the planning stage is critical to any infrastructure or service and we apply a holistic approach in the following areas to ensure the long-term success of even the most complex projects. 

  • Facilities/System Planning: Operational modeling, options analysis and evaluation to provide recommended electrical grid and natural gas network solutions for transmission and distribution systems.
  • Project Planning: Project management services including project and execution planning for electricity and natural gas projects including creation and sequencing of critical tasks.
  • Regulatory Planning: Proven success in driving regulated electricity and natural gas pipeline projects over the finish line means we can support electrical system and pipeline planning with a regulatory lens required for your project’s approval. This includes a vast expertise in shepherding projects through Alberta Utilities Commission (AUC) approvals and industry specific applications such as Alberta Electric System Operator’s (AESO) connection process.


  • ATCO invests a great deal in upfront planning for our own systems and infrastructure. This includes completing planning studies for both distribution and transmission facilities, with direct access to a wide array of system study resources and analysis tools. 
  • As one of the largest transmission facility owners in Alberta, our professionals have completed complex studies for the AESO, and for direct-connect customers to evaluate alternative interconnection options, review system contingencies and review the implications of substantive changes to the transmission grid.
  • Our team will work closely with you to identify options that will maximize efficiency whether you are building or modifying infrastructure or need new electrical or natural gas services.  
  • As Alberta’s most qualified gas and electricity distribution & transmission company, we are focused on delivering quality, safety & expertise to all projects.
  • Throughout the crucial planning stages of your project, we promise to pay close attention in accurately defining the financial requirements and considerations that arise from code, regulations and policies with an eye towards overall lifecycle costs, by applying our vast knowledge as an owner/operator. 


  • Gap analysis/deficiencies
  • Feasibility, interconnection
  • Technical studies
  • Environmental, regulatory and stakeholder planning and consultation
  • System design & assessment
  • Valuation
  • Training
  • Turnaround planning
  • Asset conversion



Notable Projects