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Project Funding


Decarbonization is challenging us all to re-think how we produce and consume energy. ATCO understands the changing landscape that is creating a stronger need to invest in your energy infrastructure for the future. We also understand that sometimes, the financial investment required to support initiatives can be a barrier towards putting your vision into action.

We can help make your project more economically feasible by helping you secure funding. Financial incentives from government agencies are growing in availability, but accessing them can be challenging. Our team has expertise in matching your projects with the right funding programs and navigating you through the application and grant process.

ATCO can help you secure funding for your energy efficiency project by exploring funding opportunities in the areas of:

  • Early stage technology development and concept funding
  • Technology commercialization funding
  • Implementation of proven technology funding

Let Us Help Get You Started

If you are considering renewable, energy efficient projects or upgrades, connect with our team to see if your project is eligible for funding.

Funding Programs Available

ATCO has considerable experience successfully working with Federal and Provincial funding programs. As your ally, we will apply our expertise, knowledge and participation in these funding program applications to help you submit the strongest application possible.

These programs exist to drive energy efficiency and sustainability through reducing carbon emissions, operating costs and energy use. 

  • Federal Funding
    • Smart Renewables and Electrification Pathways Program (SREP): This program will significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions by encouraging the replacement of fossil-fuel generated electricity with renewables that can provide essential grid services while supporting Canada’s equitable transition to an electrified economy.

    • Green and Inclusive Community Buildings (GICB):  Improving the availability and condition of community buildings in Canadian communities experiencing higher needs and who are currently underserved is the focus for this funding program. Support is offered to projects making buildings more energy efficient, lower carbon, resilient and high performing through retrofits, upgrades or new builds. This program is available to recipients at the local community level including municipalities, not-for-profits, and Indigenous recipients.   
  • Provincial Funding
    • Municipal Climate Change Action Centre (MCCAC)
    • Emissions Reduction Alberta 
      • Energy Savings for Business Program: Aimed to improve efficiency, reduce emissions, and decrease operating costs, this funding opportunity is for small and medium, industrial and commercial businesses. For this program, projects such as CHP and Solar Infrastructure are areas of particular expertise where ATCO can provide funding application assistance