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Clean, efficient and reliable electricity

Natural gas plays an important role in providing reliable, affordable and lower-carbon energy. It’s also useful in backstopping intermittent renewable energy, and in providing custom behind-the-fence power solutions.

We design, build, own, operate and maintain natural gas-fired independent power generation plants around the world – and we’ve done so for decades. Whether it’s small-scale modular or larger brownfield generation, our natural gas generation solutions help power business and industries forward.


Discover what our modular generation and cogeneration solutions can do for your operations.

Natural Gas Generation Options

  • Cogeneration

    Cogeneration, the production of electricity and heat from a single fuel source, is incredibly efficient, reliable and environmentally responsible. Our team designs and builds cogeneration facilities nearby and in conjunction with industrial facilities, or hosts, that need both the power and heat energy produced - allowing them to focus on what they do best. 

  • Open Cycle Generation

    Generally used to supplement power supply during peak electricity usage – helping to maintain the integrity and reliability of the grid, while also providing power supply security to northern and remote communities.

    These plants can be brought on-line within minutes, making them ideal to meet peak load demand, or backstop intermittent energy technologies like solar or wind. 

  • Combined Cycle Generation

    As highly efficient natural gas turbines produce electricity, waste heat is captured in heat recovery steam generators. These produce steam used in steam turbines to generate even more power, without additional fuel.

    With this technology, efficiency levels are higher than traditional thermal generation or open-cycle gas turbines. Emissions are also minimized through low NOx burners in the gas turbines.


  • Modular electricity solutions

    Need power to your remote or grid-connected operations? Want predictable and manageable electricity costs? We can customize a temporary or permanent  solution that works for you:

    • Modular Generation: our cost effective, rapidly deployed and fuel-flexible units
    • Modular Cogeneration: our fleet of high-efficiency cogeneration (electricity + steam/heat) units, with flexible commercial arrangements

    From remote energy sector operations in Northern Alberta to business parks in Mexico, we deploy our scalable modular solutions across North America.