Remember when winter was fun? When it was worry-free and filled with snow forts, tobogganing and skating on the pond? It’s time to throw back to our rad younger days when we didn't dread the snow, cold and energy bills that winter brings. When you bundle electricity and natural gas for your home and save with a bodacious ATCOenergy plan, you can kick back and start enjoying winter again. 

With our flexible plans, low admin fees and anniversary credits, you can enjoy winter inside and out!

Plus, ATCOenergy customers get automatically entered to win prizes, including our new Free Energy for a Year contest (see below).

Win Free Energy for a Year

Want to win FREE energy for a year? Five lucky Albertans won’t pay a penny (remember pennies?) for their home's electricity and natural gas in 2020. 

Guaranteed or Variable rates?

Guaranteed rates are, well, guaranteed! The rate you pay per kWh or GJ won’t change. Only the amount of energy you use will impact your bill.

Variable rates rise and fall with market prices. Some months you’ll pay a bit more per kWh or GJ, and some months you’ll pay less. 

We know energy can be confusing so learn more about our rates and plans and what it all means.

How we're helping you save on energy.

Choosing electricity and natural gas for your home or business can be complicated. It’s refreshing to know that when you choose ATCOenergy, you’re choosing simplicity. 

We’re here to help you find an energy plan that fits your home and your budget with easy-to-understand plans, simple pricing and refreshing savings. 

We're an electricity and natural gas retailer from an energy partner you know and trust. We're here to provide clarity about how you use energy and pay for it, give you great rates, and provide customer service that focuses on you, the customer.

We've figured out what's important to you, which is why we've developed plans that include a host of perks, including multiple payment options and low admin fees.

A Trusted Alberta Energy Company

When you choose us as your energy retailer, you’re choosing electricity and natural gas plans built by Albertans for Albertans. As an Alberta energy company, we’re here to provide clarity about how you use and pay for energy in our province. 

Our energy experts are here to help you make sense of fluctuating electricity rates, understand your bill or decide what energy plan works best for you. 

Experience the peace of mind that comes with low rates, flexible plans and customer service that focuses on you, the customer. Fill your home or business with energy from a name trusted in Alberta over 70 years.