Workforce Housing

Dormitories and Sleeper Units

Relocatable Accommodation Solutions for Your Team

When you need a workforce camp, it should be flexible, scalable and economical. We can meet all of those needs and then some. 

We can mobilize our relocatable sleeper units and dormitories quickly to help you provide the accommodations you require for your project, even for a large crew. Our dorms are built with durability, longevity and extreme climates in mind, taking into consideration factors like insulation, weatherproofing, and reinforced construction to reduce maintenance costs. 

Features include:

  • Self-contained water storage and pressure systems 
  • Large captain beds in each bedroom with lockable under-bed storage 
  • Fully furnished bedrooms with vanity/sink (sleeper/washcar unit) 
  • Two piece bathrooms between rooms (sleeper/washcar unit) 
  • Heating and air conditioning system designed for year-round comfort 
  • Double plywood floor for added strength

Dorms come in a variety of sizes and configurations, or we can custom design a solution that’s right for you. We’ll take care of the logistics as well. From transportation to installation and ongoing site services , we’ve got you covered.

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