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Schools that change with your community

ATCO believes that the school is more than just a building. We believe that schools are the heartbeat of any community and act as the social and cultural hub. Schools need to have the ability to grow, shrink, and evolve as the community does the same. 

The average child spends over 15,000 hours inside a school by the time they graduate, second only to their house. Our youth need every opportunity to succeed and that begins with a healthy learning environment. Providing students with well-lit, comfortable, and quiet learning environments leads to improved academic results.  

We seamlessly integrate traditional core school construction with our exclusive SAGE classrooms to provide schools with a healthier atmosphere that is more conducive to learning.

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ATCO Ermineskin School - Community Benefits

Fitted with the latest technology including smart boards and solar power,  the Ehpewapahk Alternative School will be the launching pad for students in the Ermineskin Cree Nation heading out into the world to make their mark. 

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