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Power Line Safety for workers

Stay Safe Around Power Lines

You don’t want to be in the wrong place at the wrong time when working near power lines. Contacting an energized line can seriously injure or kill you. Follow these safety rules to make sure you and your crew go home safe and sound at the end of your shift. 


  • Keep equipment 7 metres away from overhead power lines. If you must work closer, call us. Depending on the voltage of the line, we may clear you to work closer.
  • Click Before You Dig. Visit Alberta One-Call to get an underground locate before you dig, drill, trench or excavate. Utilities are closer to the surface of the ground than you think. If a cable is accidentally dug up, call ATCO immediately at 1-800-668-5506.
  • Stay at least 10 metres away from equipment operating near power lines. If you must approach, make sure the equipment is not operating.

If you contact a power line


Watch this short video about what to do if you contact a power line.

Break the contact if you can. Drive at least 10 metres away.

Stay put and keep others 10 metres back.

Call 911 for help.

If you must exit your equipment or vehicle, JUMP. Then shuffle or hop with your feet together. Don’t step!

Don’t touch the machine and the ground at the same time.

Moving Tall Equipment

  • Plan ahead. Know the height of your equipment, map your route, locate overhead power lines and be sure that you can cross safely under them. Exercise caution if equipment is over 4.1 metres. Never measure line heights or raise lines yourself.
  • Call us at 1-855-277-1670 if your equipment is taller than 5.3 metres. We’ll measure the power lines, help plan the safest route and lift the power lines, if needed.

Whether you’re moving equipment on the jobsite or on a public road, we’re here to help.

Safety Training

  • 7 Steps to Electrical Safety

    Learn how to identify and avoid power line hazards. Our demo includes an overview of the Seven Steps for Electrical Safety and shocking visual effects that drive home the terrible consequences of contacting an energized power line.

  • Emergency First Responders

    Do you know what to do if you’re the first on the scene in an electrical emergency? Our safety professionals and Powerline Technicians provide free half-day training sessions to help you respond safely and protect the public.

  • We're Here to help

    • If you don’t know whether it’s safe to cross under or work near a power line • If you need to work within 7 metres of a power line • For help moving tall equipment or high loads • To book safety training

Partners in Powerline Safety

We work with our industry partners to promote powerline safety and prevent accidents. Visit our partners' sites for more resources and training.