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Our industrial and oilfield customers use more than 65 per cent of the energy demanded in our service area. We’ll make sure you have the power you need when and where you need it. Contact us when you want to:


Further detail on connecting to the distribution system can be found in the Customer Guide To New Extensions.

* Use the Request Electric Utilities Act Section 101(2) Exemption Form and email the completed form to us.

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  • ATCO Connects Portal

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    From Saturday, April 25, 2020 from 9am – 7pm MST and Sunday, April 26, 2020 from 8am – 4pm MST -  ATCO is conducting a scheduled outage for Salesforce Email Deliverability. During this time, we will continue to receive your requests and applications, but you will not receive email notifications confirming your successful submissions or email reminders of outstanding proposals or contracts. Please contact your Electricity Key Accounts Team if you have any questions or concerns about this email outage

    ATCO Connects is a secure online portal that offers you exclusive access to:

    • Online request forms
    • Visibility to project details and statuses
    • Site usage and analysis
    • Sample bill and contract demand calculators
    • System connectivity maps


    Read the Getting Started Guide or Contact Us for help.

  • Connecting Generation to the Distribution System

    We work with power producers in our service area to safely connect generation facilities to the distribution system and ensure generation does not disrupt service reliability or pose safety risks.

    ATCO’s Role
    Our team of experts designs and builds the distribution infrastructure needed to safely connect a generation facility to the Alberta Interconnected Electric System. Determining the type and size of generator is the responsibility of the power producer and a third-party electrical consultant, if needed.

    Before Requesting Connection
    Before submitting a connection request, it’s important for power producers to understand all technical and operating requirements. The following documents provide the details. Please review before requesting connection.


    Requesting Connection
    A number of factors (generator size, proximity to distribution facilities, distribution system capacity, impact on transmission facilities) will determine the scope, cost and timeline of a project, but this process overview provides an idea of what to expect.  


    1. Review all technical and operating requirements (listed above)


    ​2. Complete the Appl​ication Form​ ​and submit the appropriate application fee for your generator type. Submission must include a plot plan, single-line diagram, proposed protection scheme and generator specifications. If you are a small scale generation developer, please use the Small Scale Generation Application form and the Small Scale Generation Notice of Dispute form.


    3. ATCO initiates a phase-one feasibility study to determine connection requirements. Within 30 days, you can expect a high-level interconnection scope and an order of magnitude estimate.



    4. If you agree to the initial scope and estimate in the feasibility study, ATCO launches thorough distribution and transmission system impact studies. This phase is subject to a fee determined by the scope of your project. In this phase, you can expect:

    - A detailed estimate and distribution interconnection scope

    - A thorough transmission protection and control study and phase-two feasibility study that includes requirements for a direct transfer trip (if needed)



    ​5. At the completion of our studies, we provide a proposal and cost estimate. Upon your approval, we collect payment and initiate construction with actual costs trued up at completion.

    ATCO will not connect the facility, or permit the facility to be connected to the distribution system, until the Alberta Utilities Commission (AUC) has issued an order for the interconnection and the order number is provided to ATCO. This order requires that an operating agreement be executed between ATCO and the Producer.

  • Generation Hosting Capacity Maps
    These capacity maps are intended to provide an estimate of how much new generation can be installed in an area of the distribution system. The estimated ranges displayed in the maps were obtained in a way that no significant system parameter (e.g., voltage, conductor ampacity, or apparatus rating) violation occurs.

    The amount of potential generation reported in the maps is an approximation and is based on general system assumptions. For example, system loading information, existing generator operating modes, and nearby connected loads are all assumed as typical system behavior, and not necessarily customized to a particular site. DERs currently in queue are also excluded. To confirm any amount of generation can be interconnected to a site, an application must be filed with ATCO and all necessary system information will be used to generate a feasibility study.

    The amounts displayed in the maps represent potential amounts that may be accommodated by the distribution system in its existing form and does not consider any upgrade that could be undertaken to significantly expand these values.

    Click on the button below to download an overview map of ATCO's electricity distribution service regions and districts. For detailed maps, please click on the relevant district name hyperlink on the map.

  • Metering

    ATCO is responsible to install and own the appropriate metering and the associated meter costs will be included as part of the proposal for electric service.

    The Customer Metering and Service Guide below provides direction and guidance for customers, consultants, and electrical contractors either requiring or installing an electrical service that will be energized by ATCO. This guide provides specifications for metering configurations for most services under 5,000 Volts. Special arrangements can be made for installing service connections not specified in this guide, with approval prior to installation.


  • Power Quality Specifications
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