Coal Generation

Transitioning away from coal generation

At ATCO, we are doing our part to support Alberta in the transition to a low carbon energy future, developing more sustainable electricity solutions for customers and communities.

We operate two coal-fired thermal generating stations in Alberta – Battle River and Sheerness – providing reliable, affordable and safe baseload power to our customers. Both facilities operate within all legislated environmental limits. In fact, we strive to operate the plants as efficiently as possible to minimize emissions.

Progressing coal to gas conversions

A cornerstone of our Generation division's strategy to transition away from carbon-intensive means of electricity generation includes planning for the eventual natural gas conversions of our two coal facilities.

In 2018, we began work on partial and “dual fuel” conversions of our Battle River units. In the future we will be taking the same approach at Sheerness, working closely with our partner, TransAlta.

We have a long, proud history in these communities and are working closely with stakeholders, community members and all levels of government during this transition to a low carbon energy future.

ASHCOR Technologies: an environmental champion

Fly ash is a by-product of coal consumption. Within our operations at Sheerness and Battle River, this fly ash is collected and sold for use as a safe and valuable concrete additive.

Repurposing fly ash not only allows us to bypass the landfill, it offers the construction and well-service industries an environmentally friendly alternative to more carbon-intensive concrete additives.

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