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Electricity Solutions

Electricity Services

With the support of our in-house team of more than 300 experienced engineers, we build, own, operate and maintain world class electricity infrastructures in Alberta,  Northwest Territories, the Yukon and are expanding globally. Whether you are looking to connect to the grid, you have behind-the-fence distribution needs, or need to strengthen your electricity system, we have the expertise to manage all stages of your projects from planning and design to operation and maintenance.

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  • Engineering, Procurement & Construction

    Industry leading expertise

    When you partner with ATCO and our in-house team of engineers, we bring more than seven decades of global experience and broad expertise in engineering, procurement, construction and maintenance. Our EPC services can be offered for the entire life of your project or asset:

    • Owner’s engineering
    • Front-end engineering design (FEED)
    • Design engineering
    • Project and procurement management
    • System design
    • Construction and construction oversight


  • Operations & Maintenance Services

    Safe and reliable operational services 

    By entrusting us to safely and reliably operate and maintain your electric distribution, transmission and generation systems, you can focus on what matters most – your core business. Our services include:

    • System operations and maintenance
    • Scheduled and emergency maintenance
    • Training and capacity development
    • System assessment
    • Asset conversion and management
    • Turnaround execution management


  • HVDC Systems

    We understand the importance and complexity of large-scale HVDC (High-Voltage Direct Current) infrastructure. Its the core of our business to build, own, operate and maintain electricity infrastructure that is efficient and stable. Services for HVDC Installations cover:

    • Owner’s engineer
    • Feasibility and systems studies
    • Reactive power compensation design
    • HVDC control & protection design
    • Design, construction, O&M
    • Training


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