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Energy Audits

Is your building energy efficient?

An energy-efficient building is less expensive to operate, more environmentally friendly and more comfortable to be in. Having an energy assessment done can tell you how energy efficient your building is.

We can perform an energy assessment and provide you with customized solutions based on your goals, the specifics of your building and the needs of your occupants. Our solutions range from no to low-cost behavioural changes to payback analysis for more substantial equipment upgrades.

Get an energy assessment for your business today.

We offer a variety of energy audit types that are tailored to your needs:

  • Energy Consumption & Benchmarking Analysis

    Our energy analysts review historical electricity and natural gas consumption and based on your facility, benchmark your energy use to similar facilities.

    • This level of analysis requires using client or retailer provided energy and billing information and does not require a site visit.
    • This service is useful in identifying deficiencies or anomalies within the facility that could warrant a more detailed energy assessment.
    • Comparable to an American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) Preliminary Energy Use Analysis.
  • Walk-Through Energy Audit

    This service includes the outcomes of the Energy Consumption and Benchmarking Analysis. In addition:

    • Analysis of electricity, natural gas consumption and water usage
    • Onsite visit to become familiar with facility construction, equipment, operation and maintenance
    • Discussion with the building operator/owner relating to overall facility equipment operation and building energy management
    • Identify low- or no-cost changes that may be behavioural in nature that will increase energy efficiency 
    • Provide a high-level payback analysis relating to capital improvements that may merit further study
    • Analysis of utility rate structure
    • Comparable to an ASHRAE Level I energy audit
  • Detailed Energy Audit

    This service includes the services provided in the Energy Consumption and Benchmarking Analysis and Walk-Through Energy Audit. In addition:

    • In-depth onsite visit, including a more detailed review of facility equipment and operation and a comprehensive interaction with facility staff regarding building energy management systems.
    • Complete review of mechanical and electrical design, the current condition of equipment and a review of maintenance and operating practices. This includes understanding your HVAC, building envelope and facility lighting systems.
    • A detailed report to provide a clear understanding of the financial payback associated with implementing energy efficiency measures and capital improvements.
    • Comparable to an ASHRAE Level II energy audit.
  • Targeted Audits

    Our services include specific target audits within your facility such as:

    • Lighting
    • Heating
    • Chilling
    • Equipment lifecycle management / replacement
    • Other specific system or end use that is of interest