Energy Storage

Energy Infrastructure Solutions

We Can Meet Your Unique Business Needs

Whether it’s energy storage options, transportation and processing services or industrial water solutions, the ATCO Heartland Energy Centre provides ready-access for the development of energy infrastructure solutions in Alberta’s Industrial Heartland that meet the needs of customers and allow them to focus on their core business.

The ATCO Heartland Energy Centre is centrally located within the Alberta Industrial Heartland (AIH), the largest hydrocarbon processing region in Canada. With infrastructure connectivity options throughout the region, ATCO's Storage & Liquids division is able to provide a full suite of energy solutions for customers in the area. 

Energy Storage

ATCO’s salt cavern storage facility at the ATCO Heartland Energy Centre has the potential to develop upwards of 40 caverns for storing NGL and hydrocarbon products. ATCO designs and operates its storage facilities to provide customers with peace-of-mind that their product is handled in a safe, efficient and cost-effective manner. With ATCO’s more than 30 years of reliable salt cavern operating expertise in the region, ATCO can provide customers with tailored energy storage solutions to meet their needs. 

Energy Infrastructure

ATCO’s 600 acres of strategically located land holdings in the AIH provide customers with access to our full suite of services for both co-located and off-site solutions. Through on-site access to utility service options including natural gas, industrial water and power, the ATCO Heartland Energy Centre provides a compelling alternative for siting of customer facilities. 

Transportation and Pipelines

Within the AIH, ATCO’s location makes it the premier choice for access to multiple transportation options (pipelines, rail, truck) solving the logistical challenge of getting product to key markets. ATCO’s existing and proposed connections to key transportation networks allow customers to move product freely between our facility and their critical distribution points. 

Achieving Customer Expectations

The Alberta Heartland Energy Centre’s location and capabilities allow ATCO’s team to work with customers to achieve their desired result. We are able to ensure that all facets of the project from infrastructure development, transportation and storage are designed, implemented and managed to meet customer needs and expectations.