Eco-friendly solutions

Building a better, greener future

Environmental Champion

Portland cement is one of the primary components in concrete and cement slurries. Replacing a percentage of Portland cement with our fly ash reduces greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. How does this work? Simply put, the creation of one tonne of Portland Cement also produces approximately one tonne of CO2. The less Portland cement used and the more fly ash, the greener the product! 

LEED, CSA & ASTM Certified

ASHCOR fly ash is classified as “pre-consumer recycled content” for LEED certification purposes. Officially designated as a supplementary cementing material, our fly ash meets the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) and American Society for Testing and Materials International (ASTM) specifications.

Greener Solutions

Through the use of fly ash and other combustion byproducts, we’ve been able to reduce the total amount of GHG emissions from cement production plants that would equate to removing approximately 30,000 vehicles from Canada’s highways annually.


Our newly developed, patent pending fly ash beneficiation technology can help successfully manage, reduce and beneficiate your ash deposits. With this technology and through our strategic partnerships, we’ll help you lessen your environmental footprint, while creating a beneficial use product.