Understanding the long-term benefits of innovative, green solutions, ATCO has invested in alternative and renewable energy solutions for 30 years. We have studied, piloted and commercialized projects with solar, hydro, wind and geothermal technologies. Within our utilities business, we continue to innovate with renewables and green solutions throughout the energy value chain. Our focus is on "right-sizing" your solar project to meet your objectives, balancing maximum solar production with payback optimization. We are keenly aware of the need to optimize total lifecycle costs and save our customers money in the long term while reducing their carbon footprints.


  • Our broad range of solar and electrical project expertise encourages a holistic approach to developing renewables now and into the future. 
  • ATCO, as an owner and operator, understands the challenges associated with these projects — such as interconnecting facilities and minimizing issues like power loss while meeting applicable codes, regulatory standards, and utility requirements. 
  • With backgrounds in power system planning, our solar and renewables specialists know what it takes to interconnect solar farms of all sizes to the grid. 
  • Our knowledge of system-wide integration requirements for solar systems ensures that owners end up with solutions uniquely tailored for the security, integrity and reliability of their applications. 


  • Project engineering, engineering and design, procurement, construction, and commissioning
  • FEED, feasibility studies and consulting design
  • Ground-mount and rooftop solar PV
  • Grid-connected (peak shave), off-grid and off-diesel battery energy storage systems 



  • Solar in Your Community

    With our wide range of customized solar solutions and our approach to evaluation and investment, you can count on our guidance through every aspect of your project — supplying, delivering, commissioning and maintaining your system.

  • Off-Grid Solar

    Our fully scalable solar solutions use battery storage technology & control systems to give you the ability to operate — independent of external energy supplies — at any time of day, under any weather conditions.

  • Low-Power Off-Grid Solar

    Some instances require just a little power (<5 KW). For applications like cathodic protection, block valves, telecom or fire towers, remote pumps or lake aeration, we offer a low-power off-grid solar option.

Notable Projects