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Why wait until your construction project is complete to get a natural gas line installed? With ATCO’s Construction Energy offering, you don’t need to wait. You can use natural gas to provide both heat and power onsite during all phases of construction for residential, commercial and industrial projects. We enable customers to save money and be kinder to the environment with cleaner burning, more sustainable natural gas-fueled solutions. Contact us early in your development process to access construction energy for your project.

Benefits include:

  • Cost savings - Save up to 60% on fuel costs; natural gas is less expensive than propane and diesel.
  • Increase productivity and reduce labour costs - Our solution provides an unlimited supply of natural gas, which can help to reduce downtime. Plus, no labour is required to change out, track or re-order propane tanks.
  • Reduced carbon footprint – natural gas fueled construction heat is more environmentally friendly, emitting less CO2 than both propane and diesel.
  • Access to reliable and convenient energy - You get a continuous and reliable supply of heat and power throughout construction because you’re only using one energy source for your project.
  • Improved site safety - Your staff don’t need to move heavy propane tanks.
  • Straight-forward billing - You only pay for the fuel you use and will receive a single monthly gas bill reflecting your actual usage.


ATCO has over 100 years of experience delivering natural gas safety and reliability to millions of customers. Our team is trained and certified for virtually every job and offer timely, dependable service that is unmatched. Because we are experts in natural gas delivery, we make the entire process from beginning to end seamless. This includes:

  • Site assessment – We provide detailed construction energy recommendations based on your project’s needs. Our team can look at options for temporary natural gas supply if needed.
  • Equipment of variable Sizes - Our construction heaters/generators range in size to meet your heating needs from concrete curing to the drywall stage. Our natural gas generators range in size to provide onsite power through the entire construction process.
  • Safe and reliable delivery - Our solution delivers an uninterrupted supply of natural gas whether your project needs are residential, commercial or industrial in size.


  • Planning and design services for your site’s custom construction energy solution
    •    Custom heating and power plans tailored for your site and project
    • Engineering design
  • Temporary or permanent gas line installation
  • Equipment of Variable Sizes 
    • Natural Gas Heaters (40K BTU- 1.5M BTU)
    • Natural Gas Generators  (15kW- 5MW)
  • Equipment rental, rent-to-own and purchase options