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Operational Services

Let us do the work for you

Wherever you are, whatever the job, our Operational Services make your life easier. Our trained, certified and experienced people are available to deliver these services anywhere in Alberta.


Why choose ATCO’s Operational Services?


Time and cost savings

  • One-stop-shop, single supplier for all your needs
  • Access to anytime, anywhere services


Quality, safety, and expertise

  • Alberta’s most qualified gas distribution and transmission company with over 100 years of experience
  • Focused on safety and execution excellence
  • Committed to exceeding your expectations
  • Ability to customize to any service detail
  • Combined Heat & Power

    An innovative energy efficient solution for your facility. 

  • Construction Energy

    Use natural gas to provide heat and power during construction.

  • Gas Lab Services

    Unparalleled gas sampling and analysis.

  • Integrity Services

    Our end-to-end pipeline integrity management solution.

  • Meter Management Services

    Driving efficiency for your metering program with the latest technology.

  • Operations & Maintenance

    Operating your natural transmission and distribution system.

  • Secondary Gas Pipelines

    Installation of additional gas lines to homes and businesses.

  • Training Services

    Tailored training solutions that focus on safety and skill development.

  • Welding Services

    High quality welding and fabrication work for your rquipment and pipelines.