Operational Services

Damage Prevention Risk Modeling

Our industry-first predictive hit lines map allows you to assess and mitigate risks to your assets.

The Predictive Hit Lines Risk Map will give you a comprehensive visual representation of upcoming third-party digging activity next to your facilities. The result? Successfully preventing damage to your infrastructure and potential safety incidents.


  • Proactive Damage Prevention – Identify high-risk areas, optimizing risk-informed decision making and avoiding disruption of service.

  • Protect Against Safety incidents – Predict damage before it happens, decreasing likeliness of safety incidents and removing workers from harm’s way.

  • Work Prioritization – Target specific areas to focus resources, resulting in less downtime and improving operational performance.

  • Cost Reduction – Reduce costs and lost revenue associated with damaged underground infrastructure.

  • Easy Implementation – Fully customizable, turn-key solution that integrates with your existing data.

  • User-friendly – Intuitive online GUS mapping service (web browser interface).