Operational Services

Emissions Testing & Analysis

We all need to contribute to a cleaner future for all Albertans, and this includes the reduction of emissions to better protect our environment.

Our experienced team can assist your organization in the form of emissions testing, analysis and reporting to meet expanding regulatory requirements, including air pollutant and methane emissions regulations. Our team can help you get the most out of your equipment, while helping you with your compliance efforts. 


  • Time and cost savings – Your single source that provides easy access to anytime, anywhere service. We provide customizable levels of service to address your unique needs.

  • Peace of mind and confidence – Unparalleled resources of certified, highly trained personnel

  • Quality and reliability – Leveraging decades of global experience and comprehensive in-house expertise, ATCO is Alberta’s most dependable natural gas distribution and transmission operator.
Operations & Maintenance

What do our Emissions Testing solutions offer?

  • Testing
    • Compressor stack or station leak testing
    • Measuring and reducing emissions of nitrous oxides, methane and other emissions
  • Analysis
    • Analyze emission test results and asset operations to determine the most cost-effective solution to help your organization comply with regulatory requirements

  • Reporting
    • Educate and train you and your team on the important need-to-know items
    • Assist in your completion of required reporting through online systems

  • Maintenance & Support
    • Assist with the servicing required to support any improvements you might need, for instance, our compressor stack and station leak testing services can easily be completed in conjunction with below-ground leak surveys, valve inspections and more