Operational Services

Meter Management Services

ATCO provides end-to-end meter management solutions

Need to buy or repair natural gas meters or looking for compliance sampling services? We have you covered. ATCO's Meter Management Services will drive efficiency for your metering program. Our meter facility has the latest service technology ensuring product dependability and the best-in-class solutions.


  • Increased efficiency - Our solution allows you to focus on your core business while we optimize the life of your meters.

  • Increased billing revenue – Best-in-class Quality Assurance & Control programs ensures meter accuracy. Our highly experienced and specialty trained meter technicians provide confidence in service quality and product dependability.
Meter Management

What Meter Management Solutions do we offer?

  • Meter asset management
    • Meter procurement
    • Acceptance & compliance sampling
    • EVC verification/re-verification
    • Meter reading and customer data hosting
  • Meter refurbishment
    • Meter verification/-re-verification
    • Electronic & instrumentation calibration