Operational Services

Secondary Gas Pipelines

Let our team safely and dependably install or change a secondary gas line for your residence or business

ATCO offers the installation of secondary gas pipelines to our customers. A secondary natural gas pipeline is a privately owned and maintained underground pipe (and associated fittings) used to deliver metered natural gas from an existing customer meter to another area such as a garage, outdoor gas appliance or other building(s).

Secondary Pipelines

What do our Secondary Gas Line solutions offer

  • Installation - If you need a secondary pipeline (new or additional) installed at your residence or business, we can help.

  • Modifications & Alterations - If you want access to more natural gas from your current secondary system, we can help by altering an existing natural gas line to meet your needs.

  • Peace of Mind - We employ a proactive approach to secondary gas lines to help determine the possibility of any under or above ground leaks on your natural gas system. We can also repair a secondary gas line system disrupted by a leak or hit line situation.

  • Maintenance & Support - Our dedicated team is experienced and trained to support and maintain your secondary gas system and its integrity by providing services such as leak surveys, valve inspections and more.