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We'll help you move your equipment safely

Need to move tall farm or oilfield equipment, grain bins or a ready-to-move home or building? We’ve got you covered. Today's farm equipment is bigger than ever, and that can lead to big problems when you're working around power lines. Call us before moving farm equipment or grain bins near power lines. We’ll measure power lines in your yard or field, help plan the safest route and lift the power lines, if needed.


  • If the height of your load is more than 4.15 metres (13.6 feet), it’s considered "over height" and you’ll need to get a permit from Alberta Transportation.
  • If the height of your load is more than 5.3 metres (17.4 feet), talk to us. We’ll help plan the safest and most efficient route. If needed, we’ll escort the move and lift or move power lines.


Tall equipment and power lines don't mix. 

Call 1 855 277 1670 if you have a high load to move.

Let's get things moving!

Farm Customers
  • Call us at 1 855 277 1670.
  • Give us at least four business days’ notice to schedule your move. 

You may qualify for up to four hours of free labour to help with your move!

Business and Industrial Customers

  • Contact us at 1 855 277 1670 or Email us to request a High Load Move form. 
  • Once the form is completed, Email or fax (1 855 508 4822) your request to our High Load Move Coordinator. 
  • Give us at least seven working days’ notice to schedule your move.

Tips for Moving Equipment or Working Near Power Lines