Tree Trimming Around Powerlines

What does an ATCO patrol look like?

ATCO employees or contractors will park along the road or within your driveway to setup for patrols. All our crews will have an ATCO truck or an ATCO decal on their vehicles. The patrollers will need to either drive, walk or travel in an all-terrain vehicle along the powerline to see if any vegetation needs to be managed.

Why does ATCO patrol powerlines?

Sometimes trees interfere with or are a potential risk to our powerlines. It is our responsibility to maintain vegetation so trees don’t encounter our lines which can cause property damage, power outages or personal injuries. 

We, along with our contractors, patrol lines on a regular schedule to look for anything that may interfere or disrupt normal power service to homes and businesses.

What happens if we find a problem on your property?

If we determine that a tree or other vegetation on your property is going to be a problem for our powerline, we will inform you and discuss the work that will be required.

If the tree or vegetation is classified as an imminent emergency, ATCO will take steps to make the powerline safe and remove all danger from the area. We will try to contact the landowner prior to working on the tree, if we are unsuccessful in reaching you and feel this is an immediate threat to the system, we may have to complete work without notice for the landowner.

How do we maintain vegetation around our powerlines?

We use certified arborists who are qualified for working near energized powerlines. To maintain vegetation, they use methods like brush mow, hand slash, and spraying. Sometimes our work will require bucket trucks.

How do I know it’s an ATCO employee at my door?

Ask for identification. Our employees and contractors will always have ATCO-issued ID.

If the individual cannot produce ATCO-issued ID, customers are encouraged to refuse access.

Call 1-800-668-2248 to report.

For emergencies, please call our 24/7 Emergency Line:  1-800-668-5506.  

What to do if you think a powerline could be impacted by a tree on your property?

Call 1-800-668-2248 to report. 

For emergencies, please call our 24/7 Emergency Line:  1-800-668-5506.