Proud sponsor of the Calgary Stampede Since 1940

A partnership bronzed in tradition

ATCO is the longest running sponsor of the Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth.

When it comes to our partnerships and our business, we’re always there. Anywhere! And like the judges looking for time faults in a fresh heat of chuckwagons, we’re committed to that promise.

ATCO has sponsored the Calgary Stampede for more consecutive years than any other partner, and we know this time-honoured exhibition like we know our customers and communities – and that folks, is completely

Since 1940, ATCO has supported the Calgary Stampede in three ways that reflect our business and our commitment to the communities where we live and work. Learn more about the ATCO as the Official Modular Structure Supplier, our Lost Kids program and the Chuckwagon Champion Bronze below.

For 2021, we’ve stepped up to sponsor the rodeo’s Saddle Bronc event while chuckwagon racing is on-pause for 2021. You’ll see our flag flying proudly at the rodeo this year!

  • The ATCO Lost Kids program reunites little buckaroos with their herds
    ATCO Stampede Commitment

    In the fun and excitement of the Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth, it’s pretty easy for a cowpoke to wander away from their parents. Since 1993, ATCO has reunited countless families at Stampede Park, thanks to our ATCO Lost Kids program and the steady horsepower of their volunteers.

    You’ll find kiosks stationed at all park entrances where they can tag your child with an ATCO Lost Kids wristband bearing your phone number. You’ll also want to pick up an information card with important phone numbers and directions to the ATCO Lost Kids Centre.

    Their volunteers are also specially trained to run the ATCO Lost Kids Patrol team that surveys the grounds and escorts unattended children to the ATCO Lost Kids Centre. Not only is the centre run out of a versatile, high-quality ATCO modular structure…it’s also full  of activities to calm any cowpokes who might be a little spooked as they wait to be reunited.

  • The Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth’s great indoors
    ATCO Structures

    When it comes to hosting a successful event like the Calgary Stampede, there are some things you just can’t do in the wind, rain or blistering sun. Things like, host a world-class performer in a private green room before their show. Treat festival goers with first aid. Corral buckaroos-on-the-loose. Or…answer the call of nature!

    ATCO’s modular structures support a variety of essential operational functions for the 10-day celebration. But the Stampede isn’t our first rodeo. We’ve been supplying custom-built modular units for a variety of special events and festivals for more than 70 years.

    Our customers need high-quality, flexible and cost-effective buildings for an incredible array of needs. Our modular structures simplify event logistics, reduce costs and provide turnkey solutions. Each one of our units is constructed from high-quality materials and features custom design options.

    Learn more about our modular units, and how we can support your event needs.

  • Chuckwagon drivers get where they’re going on time, we’ve learned.
    ATCO Stampede Trophy

    Did you know, that before 1940 when ATCO took over the Championship Chuckwagon trophy sponsorship, the winning driver was awarded a gold watch?

    ATCO wanted to recognize the winning driver with a piece of local art that reflected the excitement and passion of the sport. So, the Calgary Stampede  commissions a local artist every five years to create a series of bronze sculptures to recognize the winners. We can’t wait for chuckwagon racing to resume at the 2022 Stampede, so we can award another championship bronze.

    ATCO proudly displays one bronze statue from each series at our main office in Calgary and the Stampede shows off another one in BMO Centre’s display case, in case you want to check them out when you’re at Stampede Park!

  • Saddle Bronc Rodeo Event

    For 2021, ATCO is sponsoring the Saddle Bronc  rodeo event throughout the 10 days. We’re eager to take part alongside Stampede-goers in the rush and excitement of the rodeo!