Proud sponsor of the Calgary Stampede Since 1940

Supporting the 'Greatest Show on Earth'

We have a lasting partnership with the Calgary Stampede spanning more than seven decades. As the Stampede’s longest consecutive sponsor, we look forward to getting involved and helping the event organizers host visitors from around the world.

From the moment guests walk through the gate, we’re there to ensure they enjoy a fun, safe and memorable experience. Learn more:

  • ATCO Lost Kids Program
    ATCO Stampede Commitment

    The Calgary Stampede provides 10-days of family-friendly entertainment for the community to enjoy. But, with so many people flocking to the city and so much activity on the grounds, it’s easy to get lost in the crowd. To provide your family with some peace of mind as you celebrate the Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth, we’re pleased to offer the ATCO Lost Kids Program. 

    Since 1993, we’ve helped reunite lost children with their parents. The ATCO Lost Kids Program sets up booths at every entrance to the Stampede grounds and provides children with bright wristbands where their parents can write their contact information. Parents are also given an information card with the phone number and directions to the ATCO Lost Kids Centre.

    The well-trained and friendly Lost Kids Patrol team surveys the grounds and escorts unattended children to the ATCO Lost Kids Centre. This specially-equipped ATCO trailer features toys and activities to help settle children’s nerves while their parents are contacted, and they wait to be reunited.

    Each year, dozens of our people volunteer for a ‘Day of Caring’ on Calgary Stampede’s Kids’ Day. Our volunteers operate the ATCO Lost Kids booths throughout the grounds and provide much-needed help to the Lost Kids Patrol, ensuring the tens of thousands of families who come through the gates receive wristbands and program information. 

  • Official Supplier of Modular Units onsite
    ATCO Structures

    When it comes to hosting a successful event like the Calgary Stampede, there are many important things to be considered. It takes months of planning and reliable partners to execute the Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth.

    We’ve been the Stampede’s provider of modular buildings for years, providing dozens of modular buildings to support a variety of essential operational functions for the 10-day celebration. We’ve provided accommodations for rodeo participants, musical performers and VIPs, plus supplied washroom units, offices and the ATCO’s Lost Kids Centre.

    But the Stampede isn’t our first rodeo. We’ve been supplying custom-built modular units for a variety of special events and festivals for more than 70 years.

    Our customers need high-quality, flexible and cost-effective buildings to meet their needs. Our modular structures meet those needs by simplifying event logistics, reducing costs and providing turnkey solutions. Each one of our units is constructed from high-quality materials and features custom design options to meet the needs of event organizers.

    For decades, we’ve provided customers all over the world with innovative, premier products and services when and where they need them. We are proud of our work and pleased to continue our support of the Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth.

    Learn more about our modular units, and how we can support your event needs.


  • ATCO Championship Trophy Sponsor
    ATCO Stampede Trophy

    Since 1940, we’ve sponsored and presented the Championship Chuckwagon trophy to the winning chuckwagon driver and his team of outriders on the final evening of Stampede. Every five years, an artist is commissioned to produce a bronze action sculpture and plaque that reflects the excitement of the sport.