Supporting your journey for a more sustainable future

Clean Energy Community Fund

At ATCO, we’re committed to meeting the needs of a new and exciting energy future while maintaining safety, reliability and affordability. The transition in Alberta's energy future will involve reducing our energy demands and lowering GHG emissions, in part, through the implementation of technology and new solutions that will help serve our communities. Through the Clean Energy Community Fund, we will help organizations and initiatives with their transition to a more sustainable future.

If you are a municipality, school, not-for-profit or registered charity within the ATCO Gas or ATCO Electric service area in Alberta, you can apply to receive single-year funding up to $15,000 to help with your energy transformation journey.


Whether your project is large or small, we're here to help fund a cleaner energy future for Alberta. Here are some examples of projects or programs that could receive funding from the Clean Energy Community Fund: 

  • Energy audits to identify energy efficiency improvements
  • Energy efficiency upgrades for community facilities
  • Education programs or student clubs that support the education of renewable gas, clean technologies or renewable solutions 
  • Lower emitting options for public or community transportation
  • Pre-feasibility or feasibility studies for clean energy projects
  • Renewable energy solutions and/or clean technologies 


The Clean Energy Community Fund will prioritize applications that clearly defines how your organization, school or community supports your journey to a net zero future and the positive impact that will be achieved through your actions. 



Applications for the Clean Energy Community Fund will close September 30, 2023. 

What is Energy Transition?

Energy transition is the journey towards net zero to ensure the reliability and affordability of energy today and in the future. It requires the need for cleaner fuels, renewable energy and energy efficiency improvements, while maintaining existing and investing in new and replacement infrastructure.

Through the Clean Energy Community Fund, we are helping organizations in their work toward creating solutions, opportunities and supporting education in the transition to a net zero future. Apply today for your energy transformation project. 


How To Apply

Here are a few simple steps on what to do before you apply. 

Step 1: Before you begin, please review all the eligibility requirements. 

Step 2: Our giving through the Clean Energy Community Fund is specific to Alberta communities served by ATCO Gas and/or ATCO Electric. 

Step 3: Gather the following information essential to completing the application:

  • The organization Tax ID or Canada Revenue Agency Number
  • Contact information
  • Detailed information about the organization
  • Detailed information about the request you're asking us to fund
  • Financial information related to the organization and the project you are asking us to fund


Step 4: Once you've reviewed the steps above and confirmed your organization is eligible, click the Apply Today button to sign up or sign in, and then begin your application. 



    Organizations must reside or operate the programming within ATCO Gas or ATCO Electric service area. Those eligible to apply for funding are: 

    • Municipalities
    • Non-profit organizations
    • Registered charities
    • Public schools 

    The following organizations are NOT eligible to receive funding:

    • For-profit organizations
    • Advocacy or lobbying organizations
    • Religious organizations (except where they represent non-denominational community and social support services)
    • Community/Family Foundations, Trusts or Funds
    • Private clubs funded through membership fees
    • Individuals, and individual pursuits


    The following activities are NOT eligible to receive funding:

    • Advertising or promotional initiatives
    • General operating costs
    • Churches or religious organizations, unless offering broad, non-denominational
    • Community services
    • Conferences, seminars, workshops and conventions
    • Contingency or deficit funds
    • Health and welfare organizations already supported through our ATCO Employee Participating in Communities (EPIC) program
    • Individual/team applicants and/or programs
    • Political or partisan organizations or events
    • Programs delivered outside ATCO’s operating communities
    • Retroactive funding for program expenses incurred prior to ATCO’s funding decision
    • Travel for individuals or groups
    • Utility rebates

    The Clean Energy Community Fund is made possible by shareowner dollars which are not recovered by customer electricity or gas rates. The allocation of these funds is intended to support Alberta communities that ATCO Gas and ATCO Electric operate in.

    All applications will be reviewed by an ATCO selection committee comprised of:

    • Executive sponsor
    • Two representatives from our Customer Experience & Initiatives teams
    • Two representatives from our regional operational teams and
    • Two members of our Community Relations Marketing & Communications team.


    These program guidelines are subject to change without notice. In all questions of interpretation of these program guidelines, the Fund’s interpretation shall prevail. All committee decisions are final.


    The Clean Energy Community Fund Selection Committee has exclusive responsibility for all funding decisions. The committee members will evaluate, and weigh submissions individually then meet to discuss the applications as a group. 


    The Clean Energy Community Fund will prioritize submissions that clearly defines how your organization, school or community supports your journey to a net zero future and the positive impact that will be achieved through your actions. This includes reducing energy demands and lowering GHG emissions through carbon capture utilization and storage, electrification, energy efficiency or hydrogen production and utilization.  

Frequently Asked Questions