Our Commitment

Safety & Emergency Response Programs

Safety is a core value at ATCO and we are committed to supporting initiatives and building partnerships with our local fire and emergency response teams in the communities we serve. This includes training for emergency responders working around natural gas and electricity to ensure they have the proper tools and resources to safely respond to emergencies. 

Futures on Fire: Supporting Fire Cadet Programs

ATCO first started supporting the Fire Cadet Program with the Calgary Fire Department in 2002, recognizing the youth and education, as well as community and volunteerism initiatives. Over the years, ATCO has expanded our support to other Fire Cadet programs throughout the province. In 2021, we held the inaugural Futures on Fire Day where all the Cadets came together for a day of training and friendly skill competition games.    


Volunteer Fire Departments & Emergency Response

ATCO encourages employee involvement in volunteer firefighting. Not only does this benefit our employees and our operations with cross-training, but it promotes our values of safety and involvement in the communities we live and work in. We also prioritize supporting volunteer fire departments throughout our service areas for new equipment, training and fire hall improvements. 

ATCO Village

ATCO and the Calgary Fire Department have teamed up to develop ATCO Village, a unique, one-of-a-kind facility for the purpose of staff training and development. ATCO Village provides realistic training scenarios for both ATCO Gas and Calgary Fire Department employees and allows them to further enhance their skill sets in providing service to the public.

Emergency Preparedness Week & Events

ATCO is a proud supporter and participator at events across the province, such as Disaster Alley in Calgary and Get Ready in the Park in Edmonton, that helps promote Emergency Preparedness Week in the communities we serve. 

Apply for Support

If your community is seeking support for your events or programs that align with our commitment to safety, we want to hear from you. We can provide support through our community equipment program, our people or through financial aid. Learn more about our funding guidelines and apply today