Our Commitment

Educational Outreach

In Your Community

Whether you rely on us for the natural gas that heats your home or the delicious recipes that fuel your family, we bring our decades of experience right to your door. In fact, across Alberta, our people are on the ground year-round, bringing their know-how to community events, markets, festivals and classrooms. The programming offered in both our Energy Education Mobile and Home-On-The-Go have been specially designed with you in mind, from energy efficiency tips to the right ingredients to everyday living, let us help make your life a little easier.


Developed with the expert culinary guidance of ATCO Blue Flame Kitchen  and equipped for use year-round, this extraordinary home away from home features a completely functioning kitchen, including gas burners and an oven, and provides hands-on cooking classes and demonstrations at events throughout Alberta. 

Bring our Home-On-The-Go to your community event or festival.