Our Commitment


  • Delivering Sustainable Solutions

    Sustainable, safe, reliable, affordable and cost-effective – our success depends on ensuring our products and services meet all these criteria. Our more than four million customers around the world expect nothing less.

    As a global provider of energy and energy infrastructure, modular structures and housing, disaster response and logistical support, we play a central role in delivering long-term, sustainable solutions. From integrated energy systems to innovative partnerships with Indigenous communities, we are solving customer challenges in a way that balances responsible development with environmental stewardship and community and landowner needs.

    We conduct our business in a manner that reflects our values. Safety, integrity, agility, collaboration and caring – these foundational principles guide us as we balance the short- and long-term economic, environmental and social considerations of our businesses. We report on five focus areas of sustainability: Energy Transition, Climate Change & Environmental Stewardship, Operational Reliability & Resilience, People, and Community & Indigenous Relations.

Our Focus Areas

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