Our Commitment

Climate Change & Environmental Stewardship

  • Our Approach

    We have always had a long-term approach to managing and minimizing our environmental impacts. We understand that we contribute to climate change through our operations and, indirectly, through the suppliers we choose and the products and services we offer.

    Our climate change strategy is designed to enable the energy transition and reduce our environmental impact, while adapting our assets and operating practices to minimize the effects of climate change. We are reducing our emissions – and those of our customers through a focus on cleaner fuels, renewable energy, energy infrastructure and storage, and energy efficiency.

    We are growing our renewable energy portfolio and continuing our climate change resiliency efforts. We carefully manage our greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and the risks associated with climate change, from leveraging technology to advocating for appropriate policy and regulatory approaches from government. We stand behind our reputation as an innovator and leader in environmental stewardship and work hard in all aspects of our business to maintain it.

    As many of our projects are built to operate for decades, we include environmental considerations in every project, from planning to operation, maintenance and decommissioning. Our operating divisions develop and maintain management systems that include environmental practices, procedures, responsibilities and requirements to limit environmental impacts and protect biodiversity. Our distinct divisions also share learnings and best practices to continually improve our overall performance.

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  • Our Commitment

    We commit to delivering service excellence and innovative business solutions in a responsible manner by:

    • Minimizing and mitigating environmental impacts and continuously improving environmental performance.
    • Using resources and energy efficiently by incorporating environmental considerations into planning, implementation, operations and maintenance of our business activities.
    • Developing clean, efficient and effective solutions, including renewable energy, heat recovery, energy storage and grid connections.
    • Continually monitoring, managing and reporting on environmental performance.
    • Managing climate-related risks and opportunities.
  • electricity-blue

    reduction in emissions intensity from 2020 baseline.

  • green-blue

    reduction of direct GHG emissions since 2020.

  • green-blue

    decrease in methane emissions within ATCO's operations since 2020.

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