Our Commitment

Community & Indigenous Relations

Our Approach

Effective community and Indigenous relations requires a long-term perspective. Relationships that stand the test of time are built on respect, trust, and genuine openness, and go beyond simple engagement. These fundamental characteristics have long defined our approach.

With operations across hundreds of communities all over the world, we have a unique opportunity to engage and find ways to make life easier for our customers and neighbours.

We focus on creating partnerships that contribute to sustainable economic and social development, and are continually exploring new models of collaboration with our Indigenous and community partners.

Our approach to Indigenous relations is integrated throughout our business; our Indigenous Relations Committee includes representatives from each of our diverse operating divisions, and is overseen by the executive-level Indigenous Relations Steering Committee. The Indigenous Relations Steering Committee determines our overall direction, and has identified four strategic pillars:

  • Employment – focusing on providing opportunities for employment for Indigenous Peoples
  • Education – providing training both internally for employees and externally
  • Engagement – enhancing ATCO’s engagement strategies and community development
  • Economic Participation & Development – creating equity sharing opportunities to Indigenous communities

Our Commitment

We commit to:

  • Working to understand and meet the needs and interests of the communities we serve through sincere consultation and transparent engagement
  • Engaging as early as possible with governments, regulators, landowners, and Indigenous and community groups that may be affected by our operations
  • Educating our people on the unique cultural and historical status of Indigenous communities through our Indigenous relations training
  • Where possible, providing opportunities for Indigenous employment and pursuing work with Indigenous businesses
  • Pursuing partnerships with communities and Indigenous groups on business opportunities that deliver shared social and economic benefits, and working collaboratively to develop new infrastructure solutions
  • Where possible, developing partnerships with non-profit organizations and offering support through employee volunteer efforts, expertise and financial support
  • Where possible, building mutually beneficial commercial relationships with local suppliers

Our 2019 Sustainability Report

Learn more about our community and Indigenous Relations performance.

Strengthening Our Indigenous Partnerships

We strive to build lasting relationships with Indigenous communities based on respect, trust and transparency. These valued partnerships are a core strength of our company and are central to the way we do business. We currently have more than 40 partnerships with Indigenous communities across Canada.


Indigenous communities acquire 40 per cent interest in award-winning Alberta Powerline.