Our Commitment

Energy Stewardship

Our Approach

Access to secure, reliable and affordable energy underpins the vitality of our communities. It is our responsibility to understand the evolving energy needs of our customers, and to develop efficient and effective energy solutions that support the transition to a lower-carbon energy system.

Making this transition smoothly requires long-term thinking and collaboration among members of industry, regulators, policymakers and customers. Striking the right balance between community needs, environmental stewardship, system reliability, price stability and investor confidence is essential.

We frequently engage with our customers to measure our performance and identify opportunities to improve. We also take part in a range of multi-stakeholder discussions on our shared energy future. These discussions allow us to advocate on behalf of our customers and develop collaborative solutions.

To ensure the reliability of energy now and in the future, we maintain existing infrastructure and invest in new and replacement infrastructure. We also provide cost-effective and efficient energy solutions to our customers and advocate for energy efficiency to reduce costs.

Our Commitment

We commit to doing our part to provide access to secure, reliable, affordable energy by:

  • Developing energy solutions centered around our customers
  • Exploring solutions to meet baseload energy requirements and enabling integration of affordable renewable and lower-emitting energy alternatives
  • Maintaining and modernizing our generation, transmission, distribution, and energy storage networks
  • Participating in multi-stakeholder groups to encourage long term effective and collaborative solutions that meet the needs of our customers
  • Finding ways to reduce energy consumption both within our operations and for our customers
  • Seeking customer feedback on our performance and incorporating learnings into our operations.

Our 2018 Sustainability Report

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