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Energy Transition

  • Our Approach

    Access to safe, secure, reliable and affordable energy underpins the vitality of our communities. We continue to pioneer the innovative energy solutions our customers and partners are looking for, with a focus on enabling the transition to a net-zero emissions future.

    Making this transition smoothly requires long-term thinking and collaboration among industry, regulators, policymakers, customers, and Indigenous and community groups. We take part in a range of multi-stakeholder discussions on our shared energy future.

    Our approach is multifaceted – one that recognizes multiple solutions are required, customized to each situation.

    To ensure the reliability of energy now and in the future, our strategy is to pursue cleaner fuels, renewable energy and energy-efficiency improvements, while improving existing – and investing in new – infrastructure. We also provide cost-effective and efficient energy solutions to our customers and advocate for energy efficiency to reduce costs.

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  • Our Commitment

    We commit to doing our part to provide access to secure, reliable, affordable energy by:

    • Developing energy solutions centred around our customers.
    • Providing innovative solutions in renewable energy and lower-emitting energy alternatives.
    • Encouraging long-term, effective and collaborative energy solutions by participating in multi-stakeholder groups.
    • Finding ways to reduce energy consumption.
    • Providing access to reliable, affordable and sustainable energy.
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    revenue generated from transitional products and services.

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    homes piloting hydrogen blending.

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    Over 1,000,000 km

    emissions-free travel provided by the Peaks to Prairies EV charging network.

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    spent on new and refurbished energy infrastructure.

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