Operational Reliability & Resilience

  • Our Approach

    We do everything we can to ensure our customers have access to the essential products and services we provide, around the clock. It begins with emergency preparedness for our operations and then transfers out as a service we provide to support others in their times of crisis. Reacting efficiently and effectively in crisis is just part of the equation: proactive initiatives to ensure our infrastructure is resilient to climate-related risks and changing times is the key to being prepared for the future.

    We take a proactive approach to emergency preparedness and response, track risks such as extreme weather and readying our response When incidents occur that impact our natural gas and electric utilities, we work quickly to restore services and support first responders. After incidents, we debrief to learn how we can improve.

    As a utility provider, we take a risk-based approach to asset management. Through strategies such as natural gas pipeline inspections, regular maintenance and grid modernization, we continue to ensure our customers have access to reliable and affordable energy. 

    ATCO is also available to help others when disaster strikes. We provide disaster and emergency management services around the globe, partnering with governments, militaries and first responders to respond to catastrophic events. This may include providing shelter such as modular housing units, so the people impacted by crisis, and those who are there to help, have a safe and comfortable place to work or rest.

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  • Our Commitment

    We commit to:

    • Maintaining and modernizing our transmission, distribution, energy storage and generation infrastructure.
    • Preparing for the future by taking a risk-based approach to managing our infrastructure.
    • Providing the necessary training to our people to enable them to safely and effectively respond to emergencies.
    • Responding to emergencies that impact our customers in a timely manner and minimizing disruptions.
    • Providing emergency response services to our customers globally such as disaster response and temporary structures for accommodation or office space.  
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    Over 350

    employees completed either ICS 100, 200 or 300 training in 2021.

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    progress towards our target of completing in-line inspection on natural gas transmission lines.

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    Indigenous groups are now involved in the Partnering 4 Resilience Program.

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    Over 30,000

    advanced meters installed in Grande Prairie.

Our Other Focus Areas