Our Commitment


Our Approach

Safety is the first consideration in everything we do, and is the responsibility of everyone on the worksite – whether it's a pipeline, a lodgeon a power line, or in the office. From routine operations to supporting our customers in responding to emergencies, our goal is an injury free workplace. A strong safety culture can also support innovation and drive positive change by continuously adapting and improving how we think and act, both on and off the job.

Each of our divisions maintains a health and safety management system. These systems outline the health and safety procedures, responsibilities and requirements necessary to mitigate operational risk in our diverse industries. To improve our overall performance, our divisions regularly share learnings across the enterprise on safety management programs and processes.

As a provider of essential energy and infrastructure products and services, public safety and emergency preparedness are also vital to our energy operations. We operate in hundreds of communities around the world, which provides us with numerous opportunities to educate customers, first responders and communities on the importance of energy safety. 

In addition to preparing our own infrastructure for disaster, we are also available to provide assistance to others when disaster strikes.  ATCO Frontec provides disaster and emergency management services around the globe, partnering with governments, militaries and first responders to respond to catastrophic events.

Our Commitment

We commit to:

  • Regularly measuring, monitoring and assessing key performance indicators
  • Providing the necessary training to our people to help keep them safe and to enable them to safely and effectively respond to emergencies
  • Regularly evaluating the effectiveness of health and safety management systems and emergency response plans
  • Actively engaging with the communities we serve, municipalities, governments, first responders, and our industry peers to promote the importance of safety

Our 2019 Sustainability Report

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Developing a best-in-class workplace safety culture takes full commitment from every level of an organization. And that commitment is shining through at our Frontec division, as our team celebrates an impressive safety milestone: 10 million man-hours without a lost time incident (LTI).