Energy Efficiency

Project Profile

  • Town of Taber Combined Heat & Power

    The Aquafun Centre in the Town of Taber required an upgrade to its systems to support its energy requirements. ATCO installed two 35 kilowatt (kW) natural gas Combined Heat and Power (CHP) units (Yanmar engines).

    The Project

    ATCO installed two 35kW natural gas Combined Heat and Power (CHP) units  (Yanmar engines) to support the energy requirements for the Aquafun Centre in the Town of Taber. 

    The project included the installation of two 35 kW combined heat & power (CHP) units. Electricity generated by the CHP units will displace grid electricity, while heat recovered from the generation process will displace gas consumption, resulting in utility savings and reduced greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions for the community. 

    The two 35 kW Yanmar CHPs will increase operational efficiencies by displacing over 500,000 kWh of grid consumption annually, including the heat that is captured to offset the boiler system. The Town of Taber is projecting to reduce their GHG emissions at the Aquafun Centre by 136 tonnes of CO2e per year.

    ATCO is pleased to have been part of a project that helped the Town of Taber take a leap forward as environmental leaders and enabled our customer to reduce both operating costs and GHG emissions.  


    Date: Fall 2021

    Location: Taber, Alberta

    Client: Town of Taber

    Category: Renewables, Energy Efficiency, Planning & Advice and EPC.

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