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    Jasper National Park’s electrical distribution network is an isolated system owned and operated by ATCO's Electricity Transmission and Distribution division, a regulated utility company. Electricity for the Park and town site is produced at the 967 Palisades Power Plant, a natural gas generating station with diesel backup generators, and the 782 Astoria Generating Station. The Palisades Power Plant is the primary energy source while the Astoria Generating Station contributes a lesser amount of energy to the Park’s electrical network.

    The Palisades Power Plant is nearing its end of life. This presents an opportunity to evaluate the costs and the benefits of maintaining the Park as an isolated distribution network versus connecting it to the Alberta Interconnected Electric System (AIES). As an isolated system, localized disturbances, such as equipment failure, can have a much greater impact than if the Park was connected to the AIES.

    ATCO conducted a feasibility study to determine the best solution to continue providing safe and reliable electricity to the Park and residents. The study indicated that the preferred solution is to construct a transmission line into the Park connecting it to the AIES. ATCO would then decommission the Palisades Power Plant.

    The Jasper Interconnection Project consists of approximately 45 kilometres (km) of 69-kilovolt (kV) transmission line (called 6L530) within the Park, connected to another planned new 69-kV transmission line located outside of the Park. It also includes a planned new substation (called Sheridan 2085S) to be located within the existing Palisades Power Plant site (approximately 8 km north of the town of Jasper). The new transmission lines will connect the town of Jasper to the AIES.

    Upon decommissioning the Palisades Power Plant, we will remove the equipment and perform reclamation at the site. Reclamation will involve the clean-up of materials and debris and the remediation of the Power Plant site to a state acceptable to Parks Canada.

    Project Update – January 2019 - Construction is in progress.

    The Schedule
    May 2016 - Notification to landowners, public agencies and other interested parties

    May - December 2016 - Public consultation

    December 2016 - Facilities application filing

    January 2018 - AUC Regulatory Hearing

    May 2018 - AUC approval granted

    June 2018 - Parks Canada approval granted

    August 2018 - Construction scheduled to begin

    May 2019 - Facilities complete and operating

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