Distributed Energy Resources

Project Profile

  • EQUS Net Zero Initiative

    EQUS, Alberta’s largest cooperative power utility, is constructing a new head office in Innisfail, Alberta, and wanted to showcase energy-efficient technologies and engage their members to consider how they could drive energy efficiencies themselves.

    The Project

    ATCO completed the initial feasibility study and is currently installing 35 kW of combined heat and power (CHP), a 55 kW solar PV array with 39 kWh of battery storage, an EV fast-charge station and a BMS control system to integrate the systems together.

    ATCO is excited to play a crucial role in delivering this inspired solution that puts EQUS at the forefront of energy conservation and brings EQUS closer to their vision of near net zero electricity grid consumption. Our EPC and project management services ensure optimal performance and integration of the diverse alternative energy solutions for the innovative flagship building. The implementation of CHP and solar will allow EQUS to produce their own electricity and thermal heat while taking advantage of the favourable cost differential between natural gas and electricity in Alberta. Once complete, the project is anticipated to result in:

    • 95% grid electricity consumption reduction
    • 59% utility cost reduction
    • 31% GHG emissions reduction

    Beyond the depth of our experience, ATCO’s value add for this project was bringing together the Town of Innisfail and EQUS to install the EV charging station as a joint venture, offsetting capital and operating costs for EQUS.


    Date: October 2019 - August 2020

    Location: Innisfail, Alberta 

    Client: EQUS

    Category: Distributed Energy Resources (DERs), EPC, Renewables