Project Profile

  • National Research Council

    Maintenance Services across 98 buildings

    Advancing the frontiers of scientific and technical knowledge. This is the mandate of the National Research Council (NRC), which was established in 1916 in support of these research efforts.

    Headquartered in Ottawa, Ontario, the NRC is distributed across three campuses and three satellite locations within the region. These structures host nearly 3,500 NRC employees including scientists, researchers, engineers, administrators, and support staff. An operation of this size requires a comprehensive facilities maintenance program that keeps on ticking, and since 2003 our team has been on the job.



    Date:  2003 - Present

    Location:  Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

    Client:  National Research Council of Canada

    Category:  Operations & Maintenance

    Services:  Management of 98 buildings, renovation and construction, services to six sites, including one major campus.

    Broad experience and expertise

    With site operations and maintenance contracts, there’s often a broad range of projects, and the NRC is no different. From electrical maintenance to carpentry and cabinet making, sheet metal fabrication and installation to welding, masonry repair and roofing, to heavy equipment rigging – projects are so diverse that employing the right people for the job is essential.  With our vast experience and expertise, we’ve taken on additional challenges, delivering the best value to our client.

    In addition to a complete maintenance program, restoration, and minor construction services for a variety of buildings including research facilities, a laboratory, an observation tower, a heritage building, and corporate offices, we provide:

    • Genset and transfer switches
    • Fire protection systems and alarm panels
    • Building mechanical systems
    • Chilled water systems
    • Gas monitoring
    • Electrical systems
    • Overhead doors
    • Cafeteria exhaust systems
    • Elevator maintenance
    • Overhead cranes maintenance

    Trust and collaboration

    For more than 15 years, we’ve worked collaboratively with the NRC to build and maintain a trusted relationship. By hiring project staff and consultants with extensive knowledge and expertise in their field, we provide meaningful and transparent consultation and hands-on evaluation of proposed service delivery that they can rely on. 

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