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Project Profile

  • Teck Elk Valley Lodge Operations

    Many of our projects take us to remote locations away from civilization and amenities. But in the case of the recently constructed Elk Valley Lodge, we delivered a 484-person turn-key camp solution right in the town of Elkford, British Columbia.

    Due to its location, the aim was to reduce the impact to the community and not put a strain on local resources as the workforce came on to support our client’s mining operations.  The full-service lodge has all the amenities to keep workers well-fed and entertained with onsite recreation facilities, movie and games rooms. We’re also providing the janitorial, housekeeping, grounds keeping and building maintenance for the facility. 



    Date:  2019-Present

    Location:  Elkford, British Columbia, Canada

    Client:  TECK

    Category:  Workforce Housing & Camp Services

    • Teck Elk Valley Lodge
    • Recreation Centre
    • Elk Valley Gym

    Engaging a community

    It was important to engage with the local Indigenous community, the K'tunaxa First Nation, to provide training and employment opportunities through our Kitchen Skills program within the lodge. Participants successfully completing the program were offered positions.

    We’re proud to be an active supporter of the communities where we work and live, and we hosted an open house with Teck to give the local residents an opportunity to tour the facility and enjoy some fun with their families.


    Environmental Focus

    To reflect our commitment to environmental governance, we implemented an innovative solution to lessen the burden on the Town of Elkford’s water/ wastewater management systems. The lodge uses Electrolyzed Oxidizing Water (EOW) for cleaning and sanitizing purposes. It reduces our chemical usage by focusing on chemical-free cleaning products that have no packaging that is diverted to the landfill and reduces the wear and tear on assets and the building envelope.


    Something new sprouting

    In the spring of 2020, the camp services team started a garden project that’s coming up roses. A new greenhouse has been built on site, and lodge manager Ken Timlin states that their new gardening initiative is a “great stress reliever, an amazing opportunity for sustainability and shows local community support” for the team. 

    Over two thousand seeds have been planted, including perennials, shrubs, bulbs and vegetables to brighten up the site. Many of these plants will return each year, leaving a legacy of colour to the grounds. 

    They’re also repurposing used egg cartons for starting seedlings and using the eggshells to assist aeriation and drainage in growing beds – simple steps taken to divert compostable waste products from the landfill and back into the earth. 

    Building upon their community spirit, the team is currently looking to donate the vegetables grown at Elk Valley Lodge to local organizations such as the food bank or kid’s lunch program.

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