Vegetation Management

Project Profile

  • Pembina Right-of-Way Herbicide Program

    The Project

    Since 2019, ATCO has provided pipeline right-of-way (ROW) vegetation management services to Pembina Pipelines. Driven by a holistic vegetation management approach, the development and execution of long-term maintenance plans are focused on the value gained in two strategic areas:

    • Inventory collection: ground inventory of vegetation on Pembina’s ROWs to ensure that specific activities are focused only on areas where it’s required. Also informs budgeting and forecasting for ongoing maintenance.

    • Shifting from mechanical to herbicide vegetation control: advising on how to safely and effectively convert from mechanical to herbicide application to control ROW vegetation.

    ATCO’s vegetation management strategies helped Pembina achieve ~80% savings compared to previous vegetation maintenance approaches. This project is an example of how we can demonstrate to customers the environmental integrity of well-established herbicide application practices and increase the adoption of best practices across Alberta. Herbicide treatment allows Pembina to achieve significant savings over the long run through reduced asset maintenance costs and leveraging ATCO’s vegetation inventory methods and contractors. It also ensures the continued social licence for chemical/herbicide vegetation management practices.


    Date: 2019 - present

    Location: Alberta

    Category: Vegetation Management