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  • Rocky Mountain House Energy Efficiency Upgrades

    As a Program Ally for the Municipal Climate Change Action Centre (MCCAC) Recreation Energy Conservation Program, ATCO was able to secure $531,000 (75% of the total cost) in funding to complete an energy efficiency project for the local aquatic centre in the Town of Rocky Mountain House.

    The Project

    The project included the installation of two 35 kW combined heat & power (CHP) units and two 800,000 BTU high efficiency condensing boilers. Electricity generated by the CHP units will displace grid electricity, while heat recovered from the generation process will displace gas consumption. The installation of the new boilers further reduces gas consumption, resulting in expected utility savings of over $43,000/year and decreasing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by over 220 tonnes/year for the community. Together, these energy efficient technologies will save the tax payers money as a result of the reduced facility operating costs and lower the Town’s environmental footprint.

    As part of the MCCAC application, ATCO also completed an engineering study that analyzed the energy conservation measure of installing the two CHPs and boilers. Ultimately, the study was used to support the application for funding from MCCAC and was integral in acquiring government funding.

    ATCO is pleased to have been part of a project that helped the Town of Rocky Mountain take a giant leap forward as environmental leaders and enabled our customer to reduce both operating costs and GHG emissions.  


    Date: October 2019 – September 2020

    Location: Rocky Mountain House, Alberta

    Client: Town of Rocky Mountain House

    Category: EPC, Planning & Advice, Renewables 

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