Project Profile

  • Sunchild First Nation School

    The Project

    Sunchild First Nation took over a 100 kW roof-mounted ballast solar PV system designed, built and commissioned by ATCO as part of Sunchild’s energy independence strategy and which currently offsets the school’s energy needs. ATCO self-performed the full project (engineering, procurement, construction) and for capacity building, hired locals from the community to complete much of the physical installation.

    Working with the community, we determined the best time of year to install the system and minimize disruption to school operations.  As part of this project, we also developed a “Renewables 101” course for grades K – 6 that covers fundamentals of solar generation and solar PV panels, and an electricity overview of how electricity flows through to the grid.

    Following this initiative, Sunchild First Nation engaged ATCO to complete a pre-feasibility study for a 2.5 MW ground-mount solar project. The study evaluated the opportunity for a distributed generation connection of a ground-mount solar farm to offset the community’s entire electrical consumption with solar power. We worked with Sunchild First Nation to identify three potential solar generation sites, completed a preliminary design and technical assessment for all three sites and evaluated site feasibility depending on risk appetite, financial ability to invest capital and potential grant funding.


    Date: 2019

    Location: Alberta

    Client: Sunchild First Nation

    Size: 100 kW solar array

    Category: Renewables, EPC