A Story of 75 Years of Excellence

Like so many great achievements, ATCO’s beginnings were humble: a conversation between S.D. and R.D. Southern, father and son, at a dinner table in a modest bungalow in Calgary and an idea for a trailer rental company. But while the beginnings of each great achievement may seem small, the efforts that turn them into what they become are anything but. They result from the incredible effort, passion and dedication to excellence of everyone involved.

R.D. Southern – one of ATCO’s founders – knew what it would take to turn ATCO from a bright idea into a global force when he said, “Going far beyond the call of duty. Doing more than others expect. This is what excellence is all about. It comes from striving, maintaining the highest standards, looking after the smallest detail and going the extra mile. Excellence means caring. It means making a special effort to do more.”

So, this year, we aren’t just celebrating the 75th Anniversary of ATCO – we’re celebrating the people who have embraced our shared vision of excellence for over seven decades and helped propel this organization forward. This isn’t the story of a company; it’s the story of thousands of people who have worked together to create something great.

We invite you to join us in celebrating this achievement and checking back here for more content over the coming months.

75th Celebration