Distributed Generation WTC

  • Distributed Generation WTC

    In partnership with RANMAN Energy, we offer an innovative electricity generation solution in the WTC industrial park in San Luis Potosí, Mexico. The project delivers electricity on site through flexible and customized contracts to meet the operational needs of customers in the industrial park consisting of 700 hectares.


    General features

    The project includes a high voltage substation, five high efficiency natural gas electricity generation units and an associated distribution network.

    The ATCO-Ranman WTC1 facility generates and distributes electricity to customers in the WTC1 industrial park located in San Luis Potosi, Mexico.  The facility can be separated into 4 main areas:

    1. Generation plant
    2. Substation
    3. Distribution system
    4. Interconnection with the national electricity grid

    Generation Plant:

    • Five Caterpillar G3520H reciprocating engine generators that are supplied with natural gas fuel
    • Current combined output of the plant is approximately 11 MW


    • Link between the generation plant, the national electricity grid, and the distribution to local customers
    • 115 kV to 13.8 kV transformer and associated equipment for the connection to CFE’s national transmission system.  This transformer is rated for 20 MVA.

    Distribution System:

    • Approximately 10 km of underground and overhead cables connecting local clients directly to the ATCO-Ranman grid
    • 13.8 kV distribution voltage
    • Client metering equipment

    Interconnection with the national electricity grid:

    • The WTC1 facility provides its customers with the advantage of having electricity supply redundancy from two sources:  1) The generation plant, and 2) The national grid.
    • The WTC1 facility also offers excess generation capacity to the national grid to help with grid stability and reliability.
    WTC - San Luis Potosi